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Would you like to join our team here in Lloydminster?

Lloydminster is called the "Border City".


Lloydminster is a Canadian city which has the unusual geographic distinction of straddling the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Unlike most such cases (such as Texarkana), Lloydminster is not a pair of twin cities on opposite sides of a border which merely share the same name, but is actually incorporated as a single city with a single municipal administration.


Taken from Wikipedia.


For more information on Lloydminster, feel welcome to visit The City of Lloydminster website or visit the link provided in the menu bar.

What is available to you?

Your own office and exam room (fully equipped and stocked daily).


An established practice of 500 patients or more.


A top-rated Electronic Medical Records system.


Your own schedule.


Sharing of hospital duties.


The assistance of experienced support staff.


A minor surgery facility, with a nurse

What are the benefits?

A good yearly income, at a fee-for-service basis.


You can work at your own pace.


You have access to an in-house pharmacy and a group of pharmacists.


You have the opportunity to buy shares.


A great working environment.


Time to rest as physicians can share hospital duties by rotating on a "group cover" roster.


If you are interested in working at Border City Clinic, please contact us via email at, or via phone at

(area code +1) 306 825 4427, or via the submission form on the "contact" page.


We hope to hear from you soon!



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